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Leung Tsang
Leung TsangRobert J. Hiller Professor of EngineeringProfessor of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceElectrical Engineering and Computer Science
(734) 764-7651 3228A EECS1301 Beal AvenueAnn Arbor, MI 48109-2122

Ph.D. Graduates

  1. Boheng Wen (Ph.D. 1989) UWEE
    Radar Polarimetric Models of Geophysical Media
  2. Kung-Hau Ding (Ph.D. 1989) UWEE
    Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Scattering in Dense Media
  3. Shu-Hsiang Lou (Ph.D. 1991) UWEE
    Application of Numerical Methods to Monte Carlo Simulations of Scattering of Waves by Random Rough Surfaces
  4. Charles E. Mandt (Ph.D. 1992) UWEE
    Multiple Scattering in Random Media: Backscattering Enhancement in a Sparse Distribution of Large Scatterers and Monte Carlo Simulations of the Extinction Rate in Dense Media
  5. Richard D. West (Ph.D. 1994) UWEE
    Microwave Emission from polar Firn
  6. Zhengxiao Chen (Ph.D. 1994) UWEE
    Microwave Remote Sensing of Vegetation: Stochastic Lindenmayer System, Collective Scattering Effects, and Neural Network Inversions
  7. Chaiyuth Chansungsan (Ph.D. 1994) UWEE
    Ultrafast and Terahertz-Frequency Semiconductor Quantum-Well Optoelectronics
  8. Lisa M. Zurk (Ph.D. 1995) UWEE
    Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Scattering in Dense, Discrete Random Media with Application to Remote Sensing of Snow
  9. Adriaan Jan. Sengers (Ph.D. 1996) UWEE
    Nonlinear Optical properties of Semiconductor Quantum Wells with Opto-Electronic Applications
  10. Kyung Pak (Ph.D. 1996) UWEE
    Studies of Large-Scale Random Rough Surface Scattering Problems Based on Monte Carlo Simulations with Efficient Computation Integral Equations Methods
  11. Guifu Zhang (Ph.D. 1998) UWEE
    Detection and Imaging of Targets in The Presence of Clutter Based on Angular Correlation Function
  12. Qin Li (Ph.D. 2000) UWEE
    Numerical Simulation of Interactions of Electromagnetic Waves with Lossy Dielectric Surfaces Using Fast Computational Methods
  13. Carrie Cornish (Ph.D., August 2000) UWEE
    Highly Efficient Photon Echo Generation and a Study of the Energy Sources of Photon Echos
  14. Houfei Chen (Ph.D, August 2002 ) UWEE
    Fast electromagnetic simulation for interconnects on high speed circuits
  15. Jianjun Guo (Ph.D, December 2002 ) UWEE
    Electromagnetic wave propagation and scattering in dense media with application to passive microwave remote sensing of snow and foam-covered ocean
  16. Chung-Chi Huang (Ph.D, May 2003) UWEE
    Full-wave modeling and characterization of high frequency interconnect in layered medium
  17. Lin Zhou (Ph.D, August 2003) UWEE
    Simulations of emissivity in passive microwave remote sensing with 3-dimensional numerical solutions of Maxwell equations and fast algorithm
  18. Xiaoxiong(Kevin) Gu(Ph.D, December 2006) UWEE
    Modeling effects of random rough surface on conductor loss at microwave frequencies
  19. Chong-Jin Ong (Ph.D, February 2007) UWEE
    Fast electromagnetic methods for analyzing interconnects on packages and printed circuit boards
  20. Ding Liang (Ph.D, July 2009) UWEE
    Multiple Scattering of Electromagnetic Wave by Dense Media and Rough Surface with Applications to Microwave Remote Sensing of Snow
  21. Boping Wu (Ph.D, June 2010) UWEE
    Electromagnetic modeling of high speed interconnects in advanced electronic packaging
  22. Ruihua Ding (Ph.D, May 2011) UWEE
    Random Rough Surface Effects in High Speed Interconnects by Parallel Plate Waveguide Model with Roughness
  23. Jeremy Quinn Bagley (Ph.D, June 2011) UWEE
    Sources over Layered Media of Metamaterials and Plasmon: Modes, Fields, and Subwavelength Image Enhancement using Surface Roughness
  24. Xiaolan Xu (Ph.D, Dec 2011) UWEE
    Electromagnetic scattering properties in random media and its applications in remote sensing
  25. Wenmo Chang (Ph.D, Dec 2014) UWEE
    Electromagnetic Scattering Of Dense Media With Application To Active And Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Snow
  26. Shaowu Huang (Ph.D, June 2015) UWEE
    Broadband Green’s Function and Applications to Fast Electromagnetic Analysis of High-speed Interconnects
  27. Tien-Hao Liao (Ph.D, June 2015) UWEE
    Polarimetry In Radar Backscattering from Soil and Vegetated Surfaces
  28. Shurun Tan (Ph.D, Dec 2016) UMEECS
    Multiple Volume Scattering in Random Media and Periodic Structures with Applications in Microwave Remote Sensing and Wave Functional Materials
  29. Tai Qiao (Ph.D, May 2018) UMEECS
    Scattering of Ocean Surfaces in Microwave Remote Sensing by Numerical Solutions of Maxwell Equations
  30. Huanting Huang (Ph.D, Sep 2019) UMEECS
    Vegetation/Forest Effects in Microwave Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture
  31. Mohammadreza Sanamzadeh (Ph.D, Dec 2019) UMEECS
    Electromagnetic Scattering In Microwave Remote Sensing and Fluctuation Electrodynamics
  32. Jiyue Zhu (Ph.D, Dec 2021) UMEECS
    Surface and Volume Scattering Model in Microwave Remote Sensing of Snow and Soil Moisture
  33. Weihui Gu  (Ph.D., September 2022) UMEECS Hybrid Method for Full-wave Simulations of Vegetation
  34. Haokui Xu, (PhD December 2023) UMEECS Electromagnetic modeling for the active and passive remote sensing of polar ice sheet and for Signal of Opportunity (SoOp) land observation